We want to help your community!

SONIQ is delighted to be helping your schools, clubs and charities by kindly donating products to be used in a variety of activities and fund-raising events occurring in your community! We want to provide as many products as we can.
You can help by signing up to be a SONIQ member and selecting your affiliate in the options. And as the number of each affiliate starts tallying, we start providing products. Remember, the more people who sign up from the same affiliate, the more products we will provide you!

How it works

  • 1. Enter your details and Join Now
  • 2. Select your affiliate from the drop down list
  • 3. Your membership will be tallied towards your affiliate
  • 4. You will now receive membership benefits and also help your affiliate receive SONIQ products!
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Products we reward your affiliate/club

The following products below can be redeemed according to how many members who have signed up to SONIQ from the same affiliate/club.