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Download firmware

  1. Unzip firmware on computer.
  2. Switch off TV and remove any other USB storage device from USB ports
  3. Connect USB flash drive with firmware files to the white USB port next to antenna port on TV
  4. Press and hold down CH+ button first on TV (not the one on remote) then press and hold down Standby button on TV (not the one on remote) to switch on TV until power indicator light flashes
  5. Firmware update will start automatically and the whole process may take about 10 minutes to finish. TV screen will remain off for the first 5 minutes but the power indicator light will keep on flashing to indicate that firmware is being updated. Do not disconnect TV from power point or interrupt firmware update. Doing so may damage TV and void the warranty
  6. When power indicator light stops flashing for more than 15 seconds, firmware update is finished. Please remove USB flash drive and switch on TV and follow on screen instruction to set up TV and scan channels again.
Important note: The USB flash drive must be in the file system FAT32. If not, the TV will just turn on as normal without installing the firmware.

There are 3 stages of the installation on the screen. They follow this sequence:

  1. TV standby light (bottom centre) flashes and light on screen
  2. Blue screen with progress bar
  3. Blue screen with progress bar again
Please note: Do not disconnect USB flash drive between stages. Please ensure all these stages are observed.